NBDE Part 1 & Part 2 Preparation:
NBDE Part-1:

If you are looking at cracking NBDE Part 1 exam, it requires a thorough study and planning of 6-8 months. There are 100’s of books available in the market but what to study and how to study are key elements for your Part 1 success. The exam itself is conducted almost daily across approx. 300 centers in US/Canada spread over major cities mainly in US and a few cities in Canada.
Cost of NBDE Part 1 in : USD 505
Cost of ECE Evaluation: USD 245

There will be no re-take of Part 1 to improve your scores if you happen to PASS this exam, which means if you score 75 and above, you can’t retake this exam. There will be no score on NBDE Part 1 Exam. Your Report will just be a PASS or FAIL. If you score 75 or above, you will be labeled PASS and if you score below 75, you will be labeled FAIL.



1 Anatomic Sciences/Histology
2 Biochemistry/Physiology,
3 Microbiology/Pathology
4 Dental Anatomy/Occlusion

Each of the four categories: Anatomic Sciences/Histology, Biochemistry/Physiology, Microbiology/Pathology, and Dental Anatomy/Occlusion will each comprise of 100 questions and will be randomly dispersed throughout the exam. Approximately 80% of the NBDE Part 1 will be composed of independent/stand-alone questions and 20% will be "testlets"- series of questions that are associated with a clinical scenario..

The materials that are recommended by our specialized team are

1. Dental Decks
2. ASDA Released Papers: It’s past official released examination questions
3. Kaplan Review Notes and dentEssentials book
4. First Aid to NBDE Part 1
5. Last but not the least don’t forget to refer your textbooks

The above books need to be revised 3-4 times thoroughly before you take this exam.

At the Prometric test center, there will be a 15 minute tutorial before the actual examination starts. The exam is in two sessions. In the first session, there will be 200 MCQ’s and time allowed is 3.5 hours, followed by the option of one hour lunch break. After the break, the student will be allotted another 3.5 hours to complete 200 questions.

Things which you need to take to exam center : -

1) Confirmation Letter of your Exam
2) Original Passport – the name on passport should exactly match the name on your     confirmation letter
3) One more signature id (preferably carrying your picture also) – eg,
    Credit card/debitcard; etc.

National Board Dental Examination Part I Administration Schedule


15 minutes (optional)

Subject-based, standalone items (100)

3 hours 30 minutes plus optional 15-minute scheduled break

15-minute scheduled break

Subject-based, standalone items (approx. 60)
Three to five testlets (approx. 40 testlet-based items)

30-minute scheduled break

30 minutes (optional)

Three to five testlets (approx. 40 testlet-based items)
Subject-based, standalone items (approx. 60)

3 hours 30 minutes plus optional 15-minute scheduled break

15-minute scheduled break

Subject-based, standalone items (100)

Post-examination survey

15 minutes (optional)

Total Time

8 hours 30 minutes

NBDE Part 2: Cost of Part 2: USD $550

NBDE Part 2 becomes easy with your clinical experience. It is a 2 day exam in which clinical and case based questions are asked. NBDE Part 2 preparation takes 4-6 months as you don’t need to score really high in Part 2. Again, follow the syllabus provided by ADA for efficient studies for this exam. The subjects covered in this exam

2. Operative Dentistry
3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery/Pain Control
4. Oral Diagnosis
5. Orthodontics/Pediatric Dentistry
6. Patient Management, including Behavioral Science/Dental Public Health & Occupational Safety
7. Periodontics
8. Pharmacology
9. Prosthodontics

Prosthodontics Materials recommended

1. Dental Decks
2. Kaplan Part 2 book
3. ASDA Released papers
4. Textbooks which you followed during your third and final year
5. First AID to Part 2





15 minutes


Stand alone discipline-based test items
(approximately 200 items)

3.5 hours

Patient Case Problems (100 Case-based items) 3.5 hours

Optional Break

One hour (maximum)

Post-exam Survey One hour

Stand alone discipline-based test items
(approximately 200 items)

3.5 hours