We assure 100% Confidentiality and Privacy of your documents as we know that your career is at stake. Each and every student matters to us and requires unique applications and a selling point which can be attractive to Admission committee in making a decision for DDS. We with our vast experience will make sure that we find the key elements in your application which you might be missing.

We are Unique in offering Personalized and Customized Applications to provide you admissions into DDS/DMD
  • NBDE Part 1, TOEFL: When do I appear for it?
  • When should I get my transcript evaluated from ECE and/or WES?
  • Evaluation is done after BDS and/or MDS?
  • University selection on basis of your NBDE Part 1 score, TOEFL score, Residency status, GPA and NBDE Part 2 (if taken)
  • Making/Editing of Resume/CV; Statement of Purpose; Reference Letters
  • Making sure everything is done in a timely fashion
  • CAAPID Applications (wherever applicable)
  • Paper Applications to Individual Universities (wherever applicable)
  • Direct reporting of NBDE Part 1 , TOEFL scores and GPA (wherever needed)
  • Supporting Documents needed to boost your applications- BOOSTER DOSE
  • Personal Interview Preparation
  • Clinical Exam Preparation (wherever applicable)
  • Loan Applications Processing
  • Student Visa
Personal statement or Statement of Purpose or Dental Goals Statement reflects a student’s strengths (clinical and/or academic), specific interests and why you want admission in DDS in a specific dental school and what are your future aspirations after completion of DDS.
Professional Resume or Curriculum Vitae is a snap shot of your application in front of admissions committee. It should be attractive and professional and boosts your chances of getting an interview call. And, we with our experience we certainly knows how to score brownie points.
Personal Interview Preparation:

The Personal Interview is a test of one’s personality. The questions are to test your behavior, skills and attitude. It is more of an EQ test as compared to IQ. It is causal cum formal interview where you are made to speak your mind freely and express your thoughts. It is casual in nature and formal by way of dressing. Remember, plain black color is formal color in US and no heavy jewellery and no heavy perfumes. Speak confidently but neither loud tone nor low tone is recommended. A smile is always good and exchanging of pleasantries (like how are you today) are a sure shot way of breaking ice.

Sample Questions:
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Your inspiration in life?
  • One golden moment of your life?
  • Why should we select you among all candidates?
  • Why this school?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you want to specialize?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • Have you read any book recently?
  • Tell about your clinical background?
  • Any Research Experience?
  • Why are your score low in this section?
  • What have you been doing in the US?
  • Why do you wish to choose a career in dentistry?
  • How do you visualize yourself, five years hence?


1. Class II cavity preparation

2. PFM on anterior and posterior

3. Full Gold crown preparation: upper and lower posterior

4. Amalgam fill and carve

5. 3/4th Crown Preparation